Susie Bettenhausen

October 6, 2015


When it comes to art and design I just freely create – I don’t worry about the rules too much.  As a result, I have no guidelines to adhere to and no fences around my creativity. My work isn’t limited to one specific style – it is constantly evolving and reflective of my current environment. 



I’m southern through and through! I grew up in New Orleans and Alabama and later ventured out to Texas for college.  After graduating we had a whirlwind of exciting moves that fueled my inspiration and creativity including a few years in the UK where my first son was born.  While you can develop artistic skill, having a creative nature is just something you’re given from the beginning.  There’s no other way I can imagine living my life!   

IMG_4629The Battery


The southern environment itself and the history behind it.  It has such a mystique that lures me in.  The architecture in the South was my first great creative love and it’s just grown since there.

IMG_4633-1Lincoln at Night

SUSIE’S WORK @ ECLECTIC: Susie’s art will be for sale in both our brick and mortar shop and online during the month of October or until they sell out! You can purchase her collection here.