Michelle Armas

September 1, 2015


“Everything I look at is a composition and I feel compelled to create them and distort them and engage them.”



I have been painting and drawing my whole life, its the only thing I ever wanted to do. I studied international affairs in college because I enjoy problem solving and traveling. I have a masters in branding and graphic design and just a few short months after graduating I realized that I couldn’t not paint and then well, here I am.
Life here is very beautiful. I live in a vibrant neighborhood full of artists and thinkers with majestic oak trees and deep front porches. Life here can be slow and peaceful, even right in the middle of the city with birds chirping and the train rumbling by, cicadas in the trees and we get dramatic, rumbling thunder storms. Its so atmospheric, romantic and engaging. Its easy to meet people and southerners are so gracious and hospitable. I was a reluctant southerner and now I truly embrace the beauty of living here.
Armas_upstairs_8x10_100 (1)
MICHELLE’S WORK @ ECLECTIC: Michelle’sĀ art will be for sale in both our brick and mortar shop and online during the month of September or until they sell out! You can purchase her collection here.