Brynn Weiermiller

November 10, 2015


My goal as an artist is to constantly push myself beyond my comfort zone in order to foster growth and innovation. Sometimes this results in beautiful pieces, and many times, it doesn’t. I’m learning to be okay with that. I’m working on incorporating this trial and error practice into all aspects of my life so that I may live fearlessly and dynamically. Inviting failure into my life and work is a tough mountain to climb. However, I am determined to reach the summit since there lies the best view.



I was born in new york but raised in the south, born into a family of long-time ocean lovers. More specifically, Sullivan’s island lovers. I have been traveling to Sully’s since I was 0 years old and have been in awe of the ocean since I’ve first experienced it there. 


Jungle Book III


I have never seen Northern ocean waters, I have only been able to see southern water in my life thus far! My art and creative experience draws mainly from endless encounters since childhood with Sullivan’s island’s salty air, deep brown sands contrasting with bright white foam, and deep hues of blues, greys, and greens within its ebbs and flows.


Just Be Still

BRYNN’S WORK @ ECLECTIC: Brynn’s art will be for sale in both our brick and mortar shop and online during the month of November or until they sell out! You can purchase her collection here.