Styling Services

Eclectic offers a range of styling services including styling in your home, prop styling, editorial styling, merchandising, event styling as well as location scouting for photo shoots. Between our keen sense of design, passion for photography, exemplary organization skills, and ability to pull props from our warehouse, Eclectic is an excellent choice no matter your styling need.


Interior Styling

Sometimes all your home needs is a refresh! Simply rearranging furniture, changing up some art and brining in a few new pieces can give the room a whole new feel. We’ll mix some of your own favorite items with some new objects-a delicate blend of modern and vintage-to help achieve that desired “collected over time” look.

Prop Styling

These are our favorite styling jobs because we get to collaborate with so many creative professionals! Along with photographers, art directors and clients, we work to come up with a cohesive visual concept that elevates the level of the product(s). Our stocked warehouse and abundance of resources ensures there are many options to choose from on a photo shoot.

Editorial Styling

We love working with photographers any chance we get! If you need help styling your next photo shoot, we have a stocked warehouse to pull from as well as a bevy of resources at hand. Are you a business owner looking to enhance your visual social media? We can help with that also!


In a retail and/or pop-up shop setting, we will display merchandise to help promote products in a visually attractive and creative way using techniques such as space planning and product staging to draw in customers. The physical presentation of a product can entice customers to purchase, leading to increased sales, faster turnover of product and customer loyalty/satisfaction.

Event Styling

Who doesn’t love a party? And let’s be honest, when it comes to the perfect party, it’s the details that matter. Let us transform your Pinterest vision boards into reality! We can help you pull the overall aesthetic together for your next event, whether it be a small affair like your child’s birthday or a largescale fete like a charity ball.

Photo Shoot Scouting

As interior designers, we have working knowledge of the best homes in town and we travel The Lowcountry as much as we can! Next time you’re looking for a location for your editorial shoot, product photo shoot or video, let us know. Whether you have a clear vision or are in need of some art direction, we’ll help you scout out the perfect spot!

Submit a Design Request

If you are interested in learning more about our interior design services and/or receiving our interior design information packet, please submit the following information and we will get back to you as soon as possible.