Eclectic Announces: The Warehouse

August 13, 2015

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I’m excited to share and idea I’ve been working on for a while….its called THE WAREHOUSE (the name came from an inside joke around here!).

One of the many visions I had when I opened Eclectic was to sell vintage furniture that was already refurbished (newly painted or lacquered, reupholstered in quality fabrics, etc.). As an interior designer, I know what effort (and cost) goes into turning something old, new again. And finding the right people to make that happen is a job in itself! Part of my inspiration came from having several clients with old pieces they had found at flea markets or antique malls that sat in their garage for years because they did not have the resources to finish the project. My goal was to do the legwork for them by creating a beautiful piece while still selling an affordable product.

After three years of owning Eclectic, I have learned that there are actually two customers-the people that appreciate a finished piece and the people that love a DIY project. That brings me to the concept I am excited to tell you about….THE WAREHOUSE!

THE WAREHOUSE is Eclectic in the raw. It is where we will be selling vintage pieces that are “unfinished,” trade only fabric and wallpaper remnants, industrial pieces that need some love, architectural elements just asking to be repurposed and items from Eclectic that are on deep markdown. There are several ways to shop THE WAREHOUSE. Check it out….

1. ) Our website Go to SHOP-THE WAREHOUSE. We will be adding new stuff all the time!

2.) INSTAGRAM: We set up a separate Instagram account just for THE WAREHOUSE! It is @eclecticthewarehouse. Again, we are adding new product all the time! And if you already follow us on @eclecticcharleston then we will do our best to announce when we are adding new product to THE WAREHOUSE but best if you follow us on both!

3) We will be having periodic tent sales at our brick and mortar store where you can come shop these bargains in person! The first one is Saturday, August 22nd at Eclectic! Stay tuned for more details. How can you learn about these sales? Follow us on Instagram @eclecticcharleston. Follow us on Facebook at Eclectic Interior Design Group. Or join our mailing list! How can you join our mailing list? It’s simple. Send us an email at with MAILING LIST in the subject line and we will add you on!

As an Interior Designer, it is hard for me not to make things look pretty! But I also understand the pleasure in hunting for something that you can make your own. So that is why I am offering both! Eclectic is my way of showing you all my finished, pretty things and THE WAREHOUSE is where you can find those special pieces to make your own!

Thanks for taking the time to read about this new addition to Eclectic and I hope you will follow along with THE WAREHOUSE on social media!