Boy and Girl’s Shared Bathroom

August 17, 2015

Here is the Design Board we created for this little boy and girl’s shared bathroom. There were a couple of challenge’s one is the obvious, to create a space that was both boy and girl friendly! The second was that the homeowner did not want any white tile. The concern was based on her past experience with clean-ability. Which of course is her prerogative, but did create some challenges for us to work around! So we found a grey subway tile as a substitute for the typical white. Then we found this gorgeous turquoise penny tile which has a touch of grey around the edge so we picked a grout that matched the subway tile to tie it all together. The last piece of the equation was the vanity and we wanted it to be punchy and fun so we pulled the color straight from the penny tile. Then to keep everything youthful we added a sleek light fixture and some fun cabinet hardware.



Loving how the space is coming along so far and we will be sure to add the “after” photo when it is complete!

Sources: Construction by C.B. Elrod Company